This is a common question, and a good one. Your rear window defroster is important even if we don’t use it as often in Tampa Bay as other do throughout the country. You don’t want to inadvertently damage it and then have troubles if you are in a colder climate or go to sell your car and the buyer notices there’s an issue. There are a few things that will influence how your window tint affects your defroster and how your defroster affects your tint.

The Defroster

Your back window likely has lines through it, those lines are part of an electrical system. A small electrical current flows through them to remove or reduce condensation on the back window. Any break in the line and it will stop working. Depending on the manufacturer, all or just the part after the break will no longer work.

Film Installation

The first step in proper window film installation is cleaning of the window. If a less than knowledgeable installer attempts this or even a skilled person uses the wrong tools, they may damage the defroster. Depending on the type of film used, your results will differ. Quality ceramic or metal films can actually increase the effectiveness of the defroster. Cheap film may end up failing prematurely with frequent or prolonged use of the defroster.

Using a quality installer can make a big difference in how your film looks during its expected life. A less than experienced installer may fail to make sure the bubbles around the wires are smoothed out. Because the wires are slightly raised, the back window is a more difficult installation than the side windows.

Choose Quality Window Film and an Experienced Installer

After all that explanation, the short answer is, as long as you have a quality installer and use quality products, no. Llumar window film installed by the pros at Reeder’s Auto Tint & Ceramic Coatings won’t negatively affect you rear window defroster. If you’re interested in an estimate for quality window tint installed professionally, call Reeder’s Auto Tint at (727) 261-8468 or stop by 13355 Belcher Road suite 201 in Largo to see our options and get a free quote.