When it comes to window tint installation there are many options throughout Largo and Clearwater. At Reeders we offer quality products at a reasonable price. We have 2 computer systems for cutting film. A 40 inch and a 60 inch plotter. All of our tint is done in an air conditioned bay with no fans to blow dirt around. We use a filtration system for the water so that no particulates get between the film and the glass. If you want a quality product installed properly, you want Reeder’s Auto Tint & Ceramic Coatings.

Over 20 Years’ Experience

At Reeders we have a combined 57 years of experience. Both ownership and technicians know how to properly prep the windows before installing the tint. That means that your window tint installation will stay properly affixed. It won’t bubble, it won’t peel. It will look great and protect you and your car’s interior for years to come.

Machine Cut

That means your film fits perfectly to your window. Whether you’ve brought us a fleet of vans for your delivery business or your high-end exotic car, we’ll ensure that the film fits the windows as it should for a superior fit. We operate 2 plotters and have 2 window tint programs. Both programs have regular software updates.

Quality Products

We use Llumar Window Film. It’s available for every window in your car. Even if you have factory tinting that is as dark as is allowed by law, we can install a clear window film to protect you from harmful UV rays. And when we give you a quote on your car’s window tint installation, we don’t change the price because you change the darkness of the tint you selected. Llumar offers superior heat and UV protection to keep you and your family safe and cool in the hot Florida sun. It will also help prevent fading of your car’s interior.

Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty

Because we’re an authorized installer of Llumar Window Film, we can offer their lifetime warranty. The warranty covers bubbling, cracking, pealing and fading . As long as you own your car, you’ll never pay for another window tint installation.

Call Today for Your Appointment

If you’re looking for a quote for window film installation in your car or fleet vehicles, call (727) 261-8468 today. We can give you a quote over the phone in just minutes and schedule your installation appointment. If you’d like to see the product in person before committing to an installation, come by our new location at 13355 Belcher Road S, Suite 201 in Largo.