Are you tired of cleaning your wheels? They get dirty not only from the road, but also from brake dust. The higher performance car you have, the more brake dust and more likely your wheels are to get dirty. When they’re dirty, your car never looks great.  A ceramic wheel coating helps make it easier to keep your wheels clean. As a bonus, they’ll look better too.

Tire and Wheel Coating Are Different

A tire coating helps keep the tire itself clean. It’s meant for rubber and generally only lasts a bit longer than a wash. Be aware that some of the most popular brands aren’t necessarily good for your tires. If the product you’re using at home or a detailer uses is petroleum based, it’s not good for your tires.

A ceramic wheel coating helps your wheels repel all the stuff they go through every day. A good ceramic coating will literally make the mud, road mess and brake dust slide right off. What it won’t do is keep your wheels from getting scratched.

Benefits of Ceramic Wheel Coating

The main benefit is with cleaning. It’s simply easier to clean a ceramic coated wheel. You’ll also notice it doesn’t get dirty as quickly, or even as dirty when it does. Many new cars, especially high-performance cars, and those with fancy wheels aren’t the easiest to clean when they become dirty. That’s one reason to have your auto detailer apply a professional grade ceramic coating. The wheels will also look better with a high shine even days and weeks after applying it.

Is it Worth it?

We believe that the benefits pay for themselves. Your wheels are better protected from chemicals on the roadways, scratches, and don’t require as much time to clean when you wash your car. Of course, a better looking wheel doesn’t really have a financial benefit, but longer lasting great looking wheels will add to the overall value of your car when the time comes to sell it.

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