LLumar Automotive Film Image Photo Courtesy of LLumar Automotive Film

There are many automotive film products on the market. There is a difference in the quality of those films which is why we use LLumar Automotive Film. We feel it’s the best automotive film on the market. Whether you want film in your windows to make your car look more stylish or if you want to keep the hot Florida sun out, LLumar Automotive Film is the brand to choose.

Types of Window Films

LLumar Automotive Film comes in four different materials and options of window films. Each has its own benefits.

  1. Dyed Window Tint – Available in many colors, dyed window tints are a good option for many people. It reduces window scratches, glare and blocks 99% of UV rays that can cause skin cancer and fade your car’s interior. We do not offer due based films here at Reeders. No matter how great the brand is dye films will eventually fade.
  2. Metalized Window Tint – Metalized window tints are superior to dyed with “best-in-class” scratch resistances. The color of metalized tint says truer longer due to it’s manufacturing process. It also offers superior heat rejection over dyed products and reduces glare. We have used llumar ATR film since 1997 and have never had to redo a car for tint failure.
  3. Ceramic Window Tint – This is LLumar’s top product. Available in many charcoal shades, you can have just the look you want for your car. It’s metal free so it won’t interfere with your electronic devices. The superior scratch and heat resistance can be felt from the first time you leave your car in the hot sun. It offers the same UV protection as all LLumar’s products.
  4. Clear Window Tint – Have you ever wanted reduced glare and scratch resistance without a tint? LLumar offers clear window tint to help reduce glare and cut down on harmful UV rays in your vehicle. That means your car’s interior is less likely to fade as quickly as an unprotected car and you’re less likely to have your skin damaged by UV rays. It also provides some heat rejection.

If you want your vehicle’s windows tinted, call or stop by Reeder’s Auto Tint & Ceramic Coatings. We’re conveniently located at 13355 Belcher Rd South in Suite 201 in Largo. If you’d prefer to have an estimate over the phone call (727) 261-8468 to talk with one of our tinting specialists.